5ML Refill Perfume Bottle-Gold

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Our patented 5ml refill perfume bottle is a timeless accessory to keep you looking and smelling great.

Refill your spray directly from any standard perfume bottle through our professional owned patented technology.

Ready-to-use, convenient and elegant, it is indispensable for your modern on-the-go lifestyle. Its 5ml engine bottle contains up to 65 sprays of your favorite fragrance. Thanks to the level indicator window, you can always see what is left inside.

Totally free of glass, this perfume atomizer is leak proof and aircraft approved for carry-on baggage.

All models fit in the tiniest of clutch bags or pockets.

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Our mini perfume bottles can be taken in hand as carry on luggage on board planes anywhere in the world.And our refillable perfume bottles have a unique pressure regulating system that makes sure the bottle adjusts to changing air pressure during flights, preventing any leaks, and enabling you to be fully prepared for landing!

98% Recyclable:our perfume bottles components are totally recyclable.

Aircraft grade aluminium:made from the same aluminium material as high tech aircraft, making it extremely light and strong.

No Dangerous Glass Parts: contains no glass parts at all, so unlike other atomizers or fragrance bottles, it can take a fall onto concrete, hard floors or tiles without any worries about risking breakage.

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