5ML Refill Perfume Bottle-Black

Color Chart:

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Perfume Empty Container

These are very convenient for traveling. Take them to the workout center, on a special date or keep one in your car, or utilize it as fragrance sample bottle.

Ideal for keeping some of your most desired Fragrance/Makeup Remover/Aftershave in a smaller sized bottle without having to carry the whole bottle with you on vacation.

Easy to fill up in seconds

A travel essential item for both males and females.

product information



Item Type: Refillable portable perfume bottles

Size: 5ml

Uses: Perfume Bottle
Packing method: 1 Pcs
Material: Aluminum and PET container
Product weight: 15g
Color: Black, ,red, gold and bright silver,pink,blue,purple and so on.
Product capability: 5ml
Product Size: Height 8.1cm, Diameter 1.7cm
Material: Shell aluminum, liner plastic
Product use: Filling fragrance, after shave or makeup remover

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