5ML Refill Perfume Bottle-Grey

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Over the many years in manufacturing perfume/fragrance bottles and perfume accessories, especially professional at OEM/ODM. We have advantage equipment, hightechnology and excellent R&D department and designers. We have 15 new products in every month. Strict quality—control system and rules for every productionprocessing. Long—term freight forwarders partners to ensure delivery goods to various countries for our customers. Our sale services are almost 24 hours for 365 days available online, providing best before—sale and after—sale services.
Topmatch., Ltd specializing in perfume bottle and package design and manufacture, providing the most accurate product quality guarantee by using internationally advanced production.

5ml each, approx. 60 time spray

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new boxed (sealed box)

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Features of our 5ml refill perfume bottle:

1.Quality light aluminum surface will prevent damage when dropped.

2. Windows to see how much fragrance remains.

3.Research the unique protect system to wrap up the metal parts on the bottom of the bottle in the world,this one and only design can prevent the pollution of heavy metals for the perfume and guarantee the pure smell of your luxury perfume.

4.With out patented system, fragrance is never affected by exposure to the air and decants magically from one sealed bottle into another in just a few seconds.

5.The pocket sized refillable fragrance atomizerthat refills in seconds directly from a big fragrance spray bottle.

6.Pump or pour, it's up to you.Our perfume bottle has a removable base on the bottle, so you can also use pour in fragrance! The only atomiser with this unique versatility, so it can truly work with all  your perfumes, and even your own fragrance creations.

7.Available is a number of colors to match all outfits and needs.

8.Japanese spray nozzle can spray 0.04ml for each press.All the materials of our perfume bottle are no harm to the health of the body and strictly manufactured according to the ISO 9001 system.

9.Our factory has the officil and legal patent for our 5ml refill perfume bottle.

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