250ml crystal glass perfume bottle with spiricle

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4. All cup are safety for food and can pass SGS test;

5. OEM and ODM available;

6. Offer LOGO service include Hand painted, decal printing, frosted decal and color spraying, pattern carving;

7. New mold can open for special design and size,and the cost of it is refunded;

8. Do most deep processing, such as printing, decal, spray, frosted,etc.

product information


A dainty combination of traditional aesthetics and practical functionality, this 250 ml vial features a clear glass bottle design topped with a classic screw cap and plastic plug. 

Ideal as part of a wedding favor or as a small standalone, this quaint container is perfect for storing perfumes, fragrances, aromatherapy products and more. 

Enjoy wholesale pricing when you place a bulk order.

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